Bharath Mankalale

GSoC Last Week

This happens to be the last week of GSoC. The major things that I accomplished this week are

  • Got pylab to work interactively.
  • Made more changes to the documentation of plotting module.

I have a pull request for the restructured plotting module at here. There has been lots of discussions on how the new plot API should look like in the pull request. The API as of now has 5 functions:

  • plot_line which plots 2D line plots, which I think I will change to plot.
  • plot_parametric which plots 2D parametric plots.
  • plot3D which plots 3D plots.
  • plot3D_parametric which plots 3D parametric line plots. I think I will have to change it into plot_parametric3D.
  • plot3D_surface which plots 3D parametric surfaces.

The names are slightly confusing, but the alternative to these names are big. If you have any good names for 3D plots, please leave it in the comments.

I will have another post describing the things I learnt over this GSoC period.