Bharath Mankalale

Gsoc Week 9

This has been a really unproductive week. I was sick with fever for almost three days and could not spend my time on anything. I spent the next days getting the basic svgfig backend for 2d line plots. There are lots of issues with svgfig, and hence I am of the opinion svgfig should be used only for displaying images on the google app engine ie sympy live. First on the list is no support for 3-D graphs. I think this is ok, because there are not many libraries even in javascript which can do 3D plotting. Also, I am having problems with implementing contour plots and surface plots in svgfig. I am experimenting with a way, which would involve using marching squares algorithm to plot contour plots.

I think I am a little behind my gsoc schedule, and I should speed up things a little in the next few weeks.

So these are the things that I have to address

  • Integration of svgfig with sympy live
  • Fix the multiple spawning of windows in matplotlib issue.
  • Fix the plot tests. As of now, the tests do nothing, as the process_series is not called if show is set to False.
  • I have been toying around with ipython to get isympy notebook and qtconsole working. The problem I am facing is, there are 2 instances of qtconsole created, instead of one, when I run it. I will have to figure out the problem.
  • Address the issues regarding the adaptive sampling of 2d plots.
  • Clean up my branch of implicit plotting (This is almost done).
  • Split the plot function into plot, plot3d, implicit_plot functions.

I don’t think I will be able to do all of these by the end of gsoc period. But my priority will be getting the implicit plotting and svgfig backend working and getting my pull requests merged.